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Chefchaouen -To visit the Medina of the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco
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To visit the Medina of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is small charming city of about 40,000 inhabitants, about 100km from Ceuta in the outskirts of the mountains Tisouka (2050m) and Megou (1616 ms) of the Mountain range of the Rif, that rise over the town like two horns, thus giving the name to the city Chefchaouen (in berebér this means: " watch the horns"). At 660m. altitude and with very little traffic of cars, the clean and fresh air invites you to spend some time to discover the beauty of the place and its surroundings.

The Medina de Chefchaouen - also known as Chaouen or Xauen - is a small and calm evironment.When entering one of the five entrances of this town we find that we are flooded with the most delightful aromas.It is a feast for the senses as the smell of fresh bread being cooked in ovens or on firewood greets.

There are a great variety of colors from different products in the stores and the bazaars contrast with the overwhelming bluish painted houses. The mixture of voices and sounds will guide you through the side streets until you inevitably arrive at the Uta el-Hammam square.
Here in the shade of the morera it is possible to rest and eat something in a restaurant or cafeteria.Here you can observ the coming and going of the people and the beauty of the Great Mosque and the Kasbah facing in front.
A few steps ahead is the Makhzen square with the "Hotel Parador" and parking for the public. From here an alley can be taken that leades northeast to Bab el-Ansar and the source Ras el-Maa, one of the prettiest places of Chaouen.
Hearing the relaxing sound of the water it is possible to go for a stroll next to a brook to watch the women washing clothes,and see how the hydraulic mills still work. This precious walk takes us to the Rif Sebbanin, the laundry district , with the Seat of Sebbanin and its mosque of century XV. Either you continue the route here until you reach the center of the Medina again or you go to the new city or... wwhwhere
Of it continues the route here until the center of the Medina or to the new city in the low part of the city, or to the field or to where it takes your way to you - that benefits discovering...

Some ideas more in Chefchaouen:

- to visit the gardens of the Kashba and their small museum that a modest collection of old arms as well as instruments, textiles and some historical photos of the city lodges; also there is a gallery of art within the walls.

- to lower to the new part of the city Monday or Thursday to know the market where the people of the mountain with their traditional dresses offer their products.

- to raise the small mosque Jemaa Bouzafar from Ras el-Maa to see the putting of the sun

- or to raise the mountain directly - we recommended in the morning with guide to enjoy that magnificent nature
(more information in the section of excursions).

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